Good lord, I think I've fixed it. See if you can get anything to work... wait until the big white box thingy turns into a pair of curtains, then click on them. You'll need to be using a ZX Spectrum or other antiquated device capable of playing Flash to be able to see this lot, but it really is worth a go*


*No, it isn't actually. Sorry, I am mistaken.

This one should

introduce you

to some of

The Luddites

This one plays

The Wireless


This one might

be a rather


trip to the cinema

Oh, and click on the biscuit to play a jolly sort of game with Martin and a Custard Cream or two...

And this links to the


Recording Company

For some reason

Click on these

footlight things

to see other

parts of the

Electric Theatre...

This one opens and

shuts the curtain when

the band is playing

Of course if you are using any sort of modern equipment like a telephone for instance you probably can't see all the exciting things on this website... but if you're nevertheless a discerning sort of person musicwise you may like to pop over to The Lud-O-Phone Recording Company's website to purchase a copy of my album... on receiving his copy Mr. Rodney Slater himself said "Thank you" so if that's not a ringing endorsement I don't know what is... click here to go there now. Or click on the album cover. Up to you really.

Click the television set to see some videos, if you want to. It isn't an order or anything.